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Construction Disputes

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Construction of a residential or commercial property involves a long list of legal issues that may require the involvement of The Larkin Law Firm. Are you a contractor, materials supplier, or mechanic that has not been paid for the services you’ve rendered? The Larkin Law Firm can help you recover your money. The Larkin Law Firm is experienced in construction dispute litigation. We have represented multiple clients in all facets of the construction industry, including homeowners, contractors, and sub-contractors.


The Texas Constitution affords great protections to contractors. However, there are very specific steps you must take to protect your rights. Whether you are a contractor providing services for a commercial property or an architect who has created drawings for a residential property, we can help you comply with the filing process and enforcement of a lien, or even help you recover payment if lien deadlines or statutory requirements were not met.


Often, construction disputes occur among the construction participants and relate to issues of adequacy, payment, and contract enforcement, formation  and termination. The Larkin Law Firm has vast experience dealing with lien claims on a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential, including enforcement of claims upon removable improvements.

If you need help collecting on a construction claim or find yourself defending a claim, contact The Larkin Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.  We are several options for fee arrangements, including a contingency fee arrangemnt where you don’t pay us unless we actually collect on your claim. Contact us today.