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The Problem

Are you a small business owner that needs a contract reviewed or drafted, but your company does not have a legal department where you can go? Maybe you would like to include a non-compete provision in your contractor or employment agreement, but you want to ensure that it will be enforceable and compliant with state and federal laws. Do you believe it’s time to incorporate your business to ensure that your personal assets are protected? Do you have problems collecting on past due invoices and need the advice of a lawyer? Not every company can afford to have its own in-house legal department. However, every business will face legal issues and will need a lawyer that understands your business. The Larkin Law Firm has the expertise of representing numerous business clients with a wide array of legal issues.

The Solution

When it comes to representing businesses that have legal needs such as vendor/customer contract review and drafting, reviewing and drafting leases, drafting employment agreements, corporate/partnership formation, or business dispute litigation, The Larkin Law Firm is the solution. We offer different fee arrangements to ensure that your business needs are met.

With the Larkin Law Firm, your business will receive the custom attention of an in-house attorney. We specialize in providing our clients with an individualized plan that gets results. You can rest assured that you have an “in-house” attorney without paying the “in-house” salary and benefits. The Larkin Law Firm is here to handle most all of your business legal needs, from business formation through operations and business expansion.

If you would like to make The Larkin Law Firm your business’ one stop shop for all of its legal needs, please contact us and set up an appointment to discuss how our services can benefit your business.